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AMOTT 2 - A3 Risograph Print


Risograph print from my exhibition "Always Mysteries of the Tongue" 2019

4 colour risograph print on heavy white paper

A3 size (42cm x 29.7cm )

Edition of 15

The Risograph print process uses a soy-based ink, this ink doesn't ever fully dry so some smudges are possible. If you smudge the work a regular pencil eraser should be able to correct the smudge. If you get it on your hands it will wash out with soapy water.

This is a handmade artwork made using various materials and methods, so traces of the process will be visible. For example cut marks, glue, slight creases, torn edges, rubbed out pencil marks, ink splodges, risograph roller marks, ghosting, bleaching, remnants of old work etc. In the spirit of a no-waste practice when it comes to using paper in my work I try to find a use for as many of the materials that pass through my studio and incorporate them into new works. I think this adds to the charm of the artwork and shouldn't be viewed as a flaw.

Although every effort has been made to faithfully replicate, the actual colours of the artwork may differ from that on screen.

Sent flat wrapped in acid-free tissue paper in a hard backed envelope

I go to the post office on Tuesdays and Thursdays

* The image in the frame is for illustration purposes only, it is not an accurate representation and scale may differ slightly.

Exhibition Info:

Always Mysteries of the Tongue (commissioned by HOME projects for the Granada Foundation galleries) is a new presentation of ceramics, drawing, painting and collage, to explore the complexities of communication using elements from science fiction.
Borrowing from a wide range of contemporary, historical and futuristic sources, the work explores different ways of depicting and constructing language.

Using elements from three different science fiction texts as a framework from which to remix elements of speculative storytelling, Always Mysteries of the Tongue is presented across two fictional time periods, both set in futures far from now. The project is an imaginary pictorial language system, presented firstly in the Utopian year of 2819 and then nine hundred years later when information has been lost and the imagery is taken out of context and rendered into decorative abstract forms, using repetition, speculation and collage.

View installation images here:

  • Image of AMOTT 2 - A3 Risograph Print
  • Image of AMOTT 2 - A3 Risograph Print
  • Image of AMOTT 2 - A3 Risograph Print