Ceramic Collage 02

  • Ceramic Collage 02
  • Ceramic Collage 02
  • Ceramic Collage 02
  • Ceramic Collage 02

A series of ceramic assemblages made from fusing a combination of test objects, and props, parts from damaged artworks, and various bits and bobs from the studio from the past 3 years. Created using thick layers of glaze as a glue to fuse the separate parts together.

33cm Length
21cm Wide
4.5cm Depth

The piece is intended for wall mounting, brass pins will be supplied for all pieces but for heavier pieces such as this one, a more sturdy fixing such as a plate hanger may be needed.

The back of the piece is unglazed raw clay and may have glaze drips or smudges, small cracks, random pencil marks or signatures, remnants of the kiln shelf etc.

A certificate of authenticity will be provided

Due to the potentially fragile nature of the works I am only shipping to the UK at this time

These works are part of the #artistsupportpledge - More information below

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers.

The concept is a simple one, post images of your work to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than£200 each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach 31000 of sales you pledge to buy another artist/s work for £200.

So make a pledge and post your work using #artistsupportpledge and follow the #. keep updated on news and further opportunities @artistsupportpledge and www.artistsupportpledge.com